A downloadable game for Windows

a spiritual journey 

reach enlightenment

find happiness

cheese world

WASD to move

Space to jump

click on glowing walls if you have energy to break

this is completely unoptimized and will probably not run well on weaker hardware

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)


CheeseWorldWinBuild.7z 862 MB


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love this drifting mouse. nyooom


I am very glad I went to Cheese World. I have seen many things now and thought several thoughts. I want to perfect my run. Also who invited Riamu tell her thank u for supporting this piece. 

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thank the homies for inviting riamu, put some respect on their name


Sometimes I sort by most recent and try to find interesting small games that few people have played... And I think Cheese World is one of my favorite. The 3D rat. The melty blood music. The "cheese power". I love all of this game. Thanks for making this Imon it 100% made my evening


wtf how even

bless your soul, its a beautiful one